Monday, February 10, 2014

So Much for Keeping Up with my Blog!!

Well so much for blogging once a week!!  I read tons of homeschool blogs every week and just can't seem to commit to blogging myself.  Well the kids are doing GCA again this year.  Brandon is finishing his senior year, we're in the homestretch!!  I ordered his cap and gown for graduation back in December and his graduation ceremony is the end of May.  Becca is struggling and I'm looking into other options for next school year, we'll see what happens.  Logan is Logan and he's doing just fine :)  He is fortunately a more relaxed, natural learner and picks things up very quickly.  Both Logan and Becca are part of a homeschool bowling league that bowls every Tuesday and they both really enjoy that.  Through GCA Becca has made several new friends and we enjoy getting together with them every Friday either to do Minecraft, do Wii Just Dance, or Lego activities.  Becca has been taking horseback riding lessons for 4 years and this past fall she finally started jumping and really loves it! 

This week we're looking to get some nasty ice/snow mix and after the fiasco 2 weeks ago (we live outside Atlanta area) we're hoping people prepare better and stay off the roads.  The joy of homeschooling (even though it's virtual public school) is we don't have to worry about buses!!

We'll hopefully I can blog (let's aim for once a month!!) more often.  I really do enjoy the glimpses into others homeschool adventures :)  Speaking of glimpses into our's and updated picture of the kids (since the one at the top is over 4 years old!!)  I do love pictures by trees though...this was part of our Christmas/Graduation photo shoot we did over in SC.