Sunday, May 25, 2014

5/10 and 5/17 Two Weekly Wrap-Ups

So here's two weekly wrap ups.  I'm linking up with


So it's been pretty busy around here finishing up school so I'm just going to post some of the highlights from the last 2 weeks.

Our crazy cat Octavious

My poor husband got into a car accident, fortunately only his truck was damaged and not very bad at that.  Which is good seeing as the driver was not only drunk but also uninsured!

Mother's day was quiet.  The kids made me a "French CafĂ©" inspired breakfast in bed.  Later in the day we went to our pool for a few hours to hang out.

On 5/13 Brandon finished ALL his classes....he is officially done with High School.  His graduation ceremony is next weekend.  It's very exciting, he finished with all A's and B's.  Very proud of him.

On 5/22 Brandon finally got his drivers license!  Lots of big events for him this month, he turned 18, opened his checking/savings account, got his drivers license and he graduated High School!!

Logan and Becca officially finished school on 5/22.  Becca didn't do so well but I'm not concerned seeing as we're doing traditional homeschool next year.  Logan finished with all A's and he exceeded state standards on his Reading and Grammar CRCT tests.  Very proud of him.

On Monday 5/12 we had an end of year beach party at the lake down the road from us.  The kids had fun playing and visiting with friends.

Fun at the lake :)

We had an alligator snapping turtle show up in our front garden this past week.  He was pretty big!

Alligator snapping turtle

So those are pretty much the highlights of the past 2 weeks.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what's been going on in our world!

Friday, May 9, 2014

5/3 Weekly Wrap-Up

So here's my weekly wrap up.  I'm linking up with


So our neighborhood pool opened last weekend.  I took Becca and Logan down for about an hour on Saturday, the water was freezing but Logan went in :)  Sunday we ran some errands.

We start each day by watching CNN Student News while we eat breakfast followed by bible study listening to Bible Gateway however this week we didn't get to bible study, only CNN news.

Monday:  Sunny 80's.  Cinco de Mayo.  In honor of this holiday I made Salsa Chicken in the crock pot-YUM!

School:  Becca and Logan worked on odds and ends.  Brandon worked on last unit in Earth Science.

Exercise:  Walked 1.5 miles in neighborhood.

Tuesday:  Sunny 90! 

School:  Becca finished her math and reading scantrons (tests that our virtual school requires the kids take in Fall and end of year).  Brandon finished Earth Science and worked on bring Nutrition grade up to an A.

Exercise:  Becca, Logan and myself went to Ft. Yargo and met several homeschool families to do a nature hike.  This group meets every Tuesday at this park and we're finally able to go with them.  Several of the kids friends were there so they had fun.  We hiked about 3 miles.  Earlier that morning I also walked 1.5 miles in the neighborhood.

Wednesday:  Sunny upper 80's.  Today is Brandon's 18th Birthday!!!!

Not much school.  I called and made an appointment for Brandon to go take the road test at the DMV for his drivers license.  Since dad was home today we took Brandon out to eat at his favorite restaurant-Longhorns.  Becca and I baked a double batch of brownies for dessert.

Exercise:  I did get a 1.5 mile walk in.

Brandon with his birthday key lime pie...poor Logan he didn't get any!!

Thursday:  Sunny 80's.

School:  Brandon worked on completing study island assignments in Journalism class.  Logan worked on German and a couple of literature assignments.

Becca had a riding lesson and after we ran a few errands.  I played Bunco in the evening with friends in the neighborhood.  We play once a month.  (for those that don't know bunco is a dice game, it's super easy and fun).

Octavious keeping my spot warm for me.

Friday:  Cloudy 80's.

School:  Brandon finished his Journalism class.  The only thing he has left to complete is to bring his grade up in his Government class and turn in some community service hours before next Wednesday so he's able to walk in graduation at the end of the month.

Becca had her therapy, only 2 sessions left.  Over last weekend I ordered her the pencil grips she needs so she's able to write better.   I also ordered her Daily Grams: Grade 7 even though she'll be in 9th grade next year she needs to back track for both grammar and math.
Earlier this morning I ran some errands and discovered that my car was out of brake fluid!  Hubby's going to look at it tomorrow. 

Becca went to a friends birthday party sleepover.

So that's the highlights of our week.  Can't wait, only 3 weeks until graduation weekend and only 4 weeks until hubby and I go to Jamaica.  :)  Thanks for stopping by and checking out our week.

Friday, May 2, 2014

4/26 Weekly Wrap Up

So here's my weekly wrap up.  I'm linking up with

So last weekend was pretty laid back.  Saturday I had some kind of 24 hour bug.  Sunday Becca baked and decorated some cupcakes for dad's birthday tomorrow.

This wasn't a normal week so I'm just going to list the highlights.

Monday:  Today was Trav's birthday.  Brandon finally finished Nutrition and Wellness and did 3 sections in Personal Finance.

Cupcakes Becca baked and decorated :)

Tuesday:  Brandon finished Personal Finance.  Logan worked on some German and did a reading scantron test that was required for school. 

Wednesday:  Brandon worked in Earth Science.  All the kids had dental cleanings in the afternoon, no cavities.  I took them out to eat Chinese food.

Thursday:  Logan finished his math scantron test for school.  Trav was home today and we took Brandon to open a Checking/Savings account.  We took him out to lunch at Firehouse Subs after.  Trav got a haircut and after we went to AT&T and changed our cell phone plan and saved $80!! 

Friday:  Becca had therapy and we got some information about the type of pencil grip she needs to help her improve her handwriting.  We ran some errands after and then came home.

Beautiful irises by my mailbox

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our week :)