Saturday, March 29, 2014

3/24 Weekly Wrap-Up

So here's my weekly wrap up.  I'm linking up with

Flowers in front garden :)

So over the weekend I decided to start cleaning out my master bathroom.  I managed to get a giant garbage bag from under my sink and 4 drawers and a 2nd bag from our linen closet!  Crazy how much junk I had.  I also downloaded an app for my phone called Runkeeper.  I worked on organizing my pictures on my laptop and created a folder for a picture a day for 2014.  We finally got our outside Christmas bins and decorations out of the garage and stored in the attic.
One of my trash bags from the MBR

Every day we start off watching CNN Student News while we eat breakfast followed by bible study listening to Bible Gateway.

Monday:  Today was sunny, cold this morning only 34* BRRR. 
School:  In the bible we started in Exodus 1-3.  Both Becca and Logan have finished the 30 hours requirement for Health.

I worked with Brandon for 3 hours on his consumer math class, I really want to get this class done by the end of the week.  He continued to work in his Nutrition/Wellness class and Government, if he finishes quizzes in Govt. by Friday he gets 10 pts extra credit. 

Becca had her NML (National Math Lab) class this week and she worked on a reading assignment.

Logan worked on finishing quizzes for Social Studies.   We found out that Logan got a 97% on his middle school project on Great Britain, he was super excited! 

Other Activities:  Becca had a Girl Scout meeting this evening and she got to teach the girls how to make a duct tape bracelet, they all enjoyed the craft.  We also scheduled our last meeting for next month and we're going to have a cookout.  We also planned a trip to an amusement park (Lake Winni) for May.
 Becca showing the GS troop how to make duct tape bracelets

Tuesday:  Cold and Very windy/cloudy out.   
School:  In the bible we listened to Exodus 4-6.  I think we may do school next week and take spring break the following week.  Our school has off next week but all the kids in the neighborhood have off the following week. 
Worked with Brandon on finishing another complete math unit. 

Becca and Logan worked on math and social studies. 

Other Activities:  At bowling we planned a party for next week since it's the last week of our league.  After bowling I drove by Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) and dropped paperwork off so both Becca and Logan can go there next year.  It's basically the same thing we do now, all school work is done at home virtually, except they can actually go to the campus 1 day a week for classes if they choose.  Our internet was down for 3 hours today, the kids didn't know what to do!!  I worked on sewing Becca's dress for her spring formal dance on Friday.

Fitness:  I did 40 sit ups :)

Wednesday:  Sunny but cold. 
School:  In the bible we listened to Exodus 7-11, all 10 plagues in Egypt. 

Worked again with Brandon on math.  He finished his Government quizzes so he gets 10 extra credit points. 

Becca worked on NML, Georgia history and finishing her friendship bracelet for therapy. 

Logan worked on German, science, math, and social studies. 

Other Activities:  Becca and I went to Michaels to find some kind of ribbon so I can add straps to her strapless dress, we found some really pretty rhinestone ribbon.  We also went to Target and found some sandals she can wear with the dress.  Travis and I watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead.
 The straps we found and I sewed onto her dress.

Thursday:  Sunny and 60.
School:  In the bible we listened to Exodus 12-13. 

Brandon finished his math class YIPEEEE!!!  He continued working in his Nutrition/Wellness class hopefully he has that finished soon.

Becca had NML and she worked on reading her book and she finished her bracelet for therapy.

Logan worked on science and watched a CRCT review class.   

Other Activities:  Becca did her nails and toes for the dance tomorrow they came out great.  I called GOC and set up an appointment for Monday morning to meet with a guidance counselor and set up Becca's classes for next year. 

Fitness:  I also met a friend at the park and we walked 2 miles. 

Cleaning Accomplishment:  I looked through a HUGE stack of magazines and got rid of them.
 Becca did her nails for the dance

Friday:  Rainy and Cold.
School:  We didn't listen to the bible today.

Brandon continued work in Nutrition/Wellness class.

Logan worked on various lessons.

Becca had therapy this morning.  She brought the friendship bracelet with her that she finished.  I gave her therapist 2 copies of her writing.  They talked about Becca keeping a planner and ways she can remember the order of several step instructions.

Other Activities:  After therapy we stopped by Goodwill to find a cream colored sweater she can wear over her dress, we were successful!  When we got home Becca worked on her make-up, it came out beautiful!  We pulled her hair over to the side and attempted to curl it with hot rollers and curling iron, her hair just wouldn't hold the curl.  Fortunately for her she has beautiful thick hair so it looked gorgeous even without the curl :)  We met several of her friends before the dance at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner.  The dance was from 7pm-10pm and they all had a blast.
Becca ready for the Spring formal "Behind the Mask"
Thanks for stopping by and getting a peek at our week.  Enjoy the weekend.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

3/17/14 Weekly Wrap Up

So here's my weekly wrap up.  I'm linking up with

Last weekend Becca spent night at a friends house and I watched Demolition Man (love that movie...."All restaurants are Taco Bell" LOL).  I made a trip to the library and checked out 2 books by Dean Koontz, not sure if I'll actually read them or not:) and I got a travel book on Jamaica.  On Sunday I had a HOA meeting (I'm on the board for our neighborhood HOA).  I also ordered Brandon's HS graduation announcements, that's CRAZY!!

Every day we start off watching CNN Student News while we eat breakfast followed by bible study listening to Bible Gateway.

Monday:  Cold/Rainy day.  Happy St. Patricks Day!  We listened to Genesis 37-39.  We had a very laid back school day.  Becca and Logan were just happy they'd finished their middle school projects last week.  Becca doesn't have her National Math Lab (NML) class this week because they're on spring break.  NML is a small group class she attends every day except Friday, they go over math concepts in depth and at a slower pace than her regular 8th grade class.  She really enjoys this class.   We did some house cleaning and I finally got around to mopping the floors.  In the late afternoon a friend of mine came over to visit and have dinner with us, no green food or corned beef (we did that last week), we grilled out burgers:)
Yes 90% of the time Logan wears PJ's all least today their green
(which just so happens to be his favorite color)
Tuesday:  Cloudy and drizzly day.  We listened to Genesis 40-42.  Kids worked on a few things before bowling.  Found out we only have 2 more weeks left before league ends, next week we'll organize a party for the last week.  Over the weekend I signed the kids up for the free bowling over the summer at Stars and Strikes Kids Bowl Free.  Yesterday my friend also brought over some great resources she used with her son to study and prepare for SAT/ACT tests.  I looked through SAT Vocabulary Cartoons book, which looks like a really fun way to learn words.  I'm not sure when he'll take SAT test but he can start studying/refreshing his mind over the summer.  Today I also called our travel agent and got travel insurance for our trip.

Wednesday:  Another drizzly morning, sun popped out later.  We listened to Genesis 43-45.  Today I worked with Brandon for 3 hours to help catch him up in his math class.  It's so frustrating that he's not more motivated to learn on his own.  Becca's been reading The Tale of Emily Windsnap, a book about a mermaid.  It's not on her reading list, honestly the books on her list are too hard for her and very boring.  Since Becca detests reading I feel if she shows any interest I let her read what she wants!  Some reading is better than no reading in my book.  Also found out today that luggage for our flight costs $25/bag, may look at upgrading to 1st class when we get to the airport because bags are included.

Thursday:  Sunny and in 70's.  Today is the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!  We listened to Genesis 46-50, finished Genesis today.  Worked more with Brandon on math.  Did typical Thursday errands, grocery store and SAM's club with hubby.  Before Sam's we went to Logans Roadhouse for lunch.  (Just don't tell Logan we ate there he'll be really upset we ate a restaurant named after him LOL).  Travis and I caught up on our show Revolution.

Gorgeous Bradford Pear trees lining entrance to my neighborhood

Friday:  Frost in the morning, but Sunny and 70's in afternoon.  We didn't listen to bible today.  Logan worked on German lessons and Brandon worked on Nutrition/Wellness and Government classes.  Becca had therapy at 10am, she has a friendship bracelet she needs to finish making before next week.  We stopped in at Goodwill and Walmart looking for some sandals for Becca for her dance next week, no luck.  Found her some new flip flops and an organizer for me to use to help organize all our travel cups.  I found 2 sundresses at Goodwill.  After her riding lesson we went to a friends house so she could hang out and play Minecraft.  We visited for about 3 hours.  I finished reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth on kindle.  Brandon's graduation announcements came in mail today.

Travel cups organized thanks to
Pinterest idea.
Brandon's Graduation Announcements
Thanks for stopping by and reading about our week! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

3/10/14 My First Week In Review

So....I'm going to try to start linking up with Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers Friday link up.  I've been reading the link ups for years! 

Since January Becca and Logan have been watching CNN Student News while they eat a most nutritious breakfast of cereal and poptarts!  After breakfast we gather on the couch to follow in our bibles while we listen to a dramatized reading of the bible on Bible Gateway.

So here's a recap of our past week.....

Monday:  Today was a beautiful spring day, sunny and 73 out, the spring flowers have started to bloom.  Today is also my mom's birthday :)  In the bible we listened to Genesis 26-27.  The kids worked on school until lunch.  Then Becca had a make-up horseback riding lesson so we left about 12:15 to head there.  On the way home we stopped at Goodwill to see if we could find any cute shoes to go with her dress for the semi-formal spring dance she's going to at the end of the month, no luck.  We also stopped at the post office to mail off my mom's gift (I'm always late!).  Later that evening Becca and I headed to the Starbucks in Target so I could meet some friends for book club and she met her friend so they could walk around and visit.  This month we read Finding Alaska by John Green.  The book was ok, definitely not a book I would allow my teen child to read and that's the age group this book targets.

Crocheted wreath I made for my mom

Tuesday:  Today was another sunny, spring day in the 70's.  In the bible we listened to Genesis 28-30.  Becca worked some on her middle school project that's due at the end of the week on Horses.  She worked on creating questions for a trivia game she's making up.  Logan worked on his middle school project which is on the History of the United Kingdom.  He researched some info on Prince Henry the Navigator and UK and Australia.  Becca and Logan are part of a homeschool bowling league that bowls Tues. at 1pm, today we pre-bowled at noon since hubby and I have an appt.  Hubby and I are going on a 20th anniversary trip this summer to Jamaica so we had an appointment today at the Post Office to apply for passports, very exciting.  Unfortunately the lady told me my birth certificate was not an actual birth certificate and I couldn't get a passport:(  So....I have to contact state I was born in and get my certificate.  Once we got home however I contacted the Dept. of State and asked them about certificate I have and they said it meets requirements as proof of citizenship, my mom also has same certificate I have and she was successful in obtaining a passport.  So tomorrow I'll call back PO and reschedule applying for my passport, what a pain!  (But it'll be worth it in a few months when we're in Jamaica!!)  For dinner we has yummy corn beef.  Hubby and I watched the new show Resurrection that was on ABC it was pretty good.

Wednesday:  Today was rainy, chilly and very WINDY!!  On CNN Student News this morning I learned that 25 years ago on this day the World Wide Web appeared (where would we be without the internet!!)  It got me thinking about the "old days" when we had dial up internet!  In the bible we listened to Genesis 31-33.  Becca worked more on her project, she created a horse collage and wrote a poem.  Logan finished gathering his information and we started putting it into a powerpoint presentation.  I called PO and rescheduled my appt. for tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday:  Today was sunny but cold, last night was down in the 20's and we had to turn the heat back on in the house (such crazy weather down here).  In the Bible we listened to Genesis 34-36.  Today our library books were due so I renewed them to avoid late fees.  Logan kmailed his project to his homeroom teacher.  Becca finished questions for her trivia game and worked on her detailed paragraph on horses.  We finalized her powerpoint presentation, we'll finish work cited page and turn it in tomorrow.  I had my rescheduled appt. at PO for my passport.  Tonight was Bunco for me in neighborhood with friends, I won $4.00 and two cool prizes (a scarf and make-up travel bag).

Friday:   Today was sunny in 60's.  We didn't do bible today.  Today, for those that didn't know, was National Pi day!!!  We have pumpkin pie for dessert later tonight.  Today is our busy, run around day.  Becca started physical therapy a few weeks ago and she usually has her riding lesson at noon, it got cancelled today.  Becca was recently put in special education at her online school and diagnosed with minor fine motor integration so she does 1 hour of therapy once a week.  On the way home I stopped at store to pick up ingredients to make Stuffed Sandwiches for dinner.  Becca and I left around 3pm to meet friends at Chick-Fil-A, the kids get together and visit and play Minecraft on 2nd and 4th Fridays.  We usually hang out till around 5pm.  Today we took one of Becca's friends home to spend the night.

Stuffed Sandwiches
2 lb ground beef, browned and fat drained
2 cans Campbells Cheddar Cheese soup
1/2 green pepper, diced (you could also add some diced onion)
Several dashes Worcestershire sauce (add to your liking)
Sub rolls, slice and hollow out, add removed bread to mixture

Fill sub rolls and top with American cheese slices, put lids back on and put in 350 oven to toast and melt cheese.

I hope you enjoyed catching up with our doings for the past week.  We have a relaxing laid back weekend planned.