Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Curriculum 2010/2011

I am new to this so I am going to attempt to link to the "Not Back-to-School blog hop" at Heart of the Matter.
Not Back to School Blog Hop
We officially started our 2nd year of homeschool on July 19th. I've been doing some tweaking to our schedule to find something that works well for us. Since we are getting ready to go on vacation in a week I probably won't have something workable until September. I am also discovering that some of our curriculum needs to be adjusted, like our handwriting. Here's our curriculum to-date:

Brandon - 9th Grade

MATH: Saxon Geometry
LANGUAGE ARTS: Abeka Gr. 8 Grammar & Comp., Of Place Literature and an
assortment of novels.
HISTORY: Abeka Gr. 10 World History & Cultures and Current Events
SCIENCE: Apologia Exploring Creation with Biology
FOREIGN LANG: Rosetta Stone German
PE: Starting back to Martial Arts in Sept.
BIBLE: Not sure yet
Brandon will also be working on keyboarding skills.

Rebecca - 5th Grade

MATH: Abeka Gr. 5
LANGUAGE ARTS: Abeka Lang. A Gr 4
HANDWRITING: Abeka Penmanship Mastery I Gr. 4
READING: Abeka readers Gr. 4
SPELLING: Spelling Connections website lists
PE: Becca does Horseback Riding

Logan - 3rd Grade

MATH: Abeka Gr. 3
LANGUAGE ARTS: Abeka Language 3
HANDWRITING: Abeka Cursive Skillbook 3
READING: Abeka readers Gr. 3
SPELLING: Spelling Connections website lists
PE: will be starting back to Martial Arts in Sept.

Rebecca and Logan will be doing the following subjects together:
HISTORY: BJU Heritage Studies 3 (once we complete Revolutionary War)
SCIENCE: Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy
Rosetta Stone Spanish
ART: Abeka Art books Gr. 3 and 5
BIBLE: Currently doing a devotion a day and they will be starting Awana's soon. Hoping to do "Journey from Creation through Ice Age" by Ruth Martin and Cathy Canen starting in Jan.

Last year we didn't do very many field trips and I am hoping to do more this year. We are hopefully going to go into Boston next month while visiting family so we can see some of the places we are learning about in Revolutionary War. I am also hoping to visit a Planetarium.


  1. Hello from your first follower! I enjoyed reading your post (we use some Abeka too). I look forward to reading more in the future!

  2. I came from the Homeschool Hop! My Sister In Law does Abeka! They love it! I hope you have a great school year! I look forward to peaking in on your day. :)

  3. Hi! This is our second year, too! And we're learning German with Rosetta Stone as well.

    Have an awesome year of homeschooling!

  4. Your children are adorable! That would be so neat if you went into Boston for a field trip.