Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3/30 Weekly Wrap Up

So here's my weekly wrap up.  I'm linking up with

Last weekend Becca started riding lessons at a new barn only 10 minutes from our house, she loves it.  She still has the same instructor she's had for the past 3 1/2 years.  She is able to go before her lesson and help around the barn.

I made a delicious whole Crockpot Chicken

Every day we start off watching CNN Student News while we eat breakfast followed by bible study listening to Bible Gateway.

Monday:  Sunny in the 70's. 
School:  We watched CNN news but we skipped bible study today.

I received some more info about Brandon's graduation ceremony.  I need to work on getting announcements and party invites out.  I also received info about Logan and Becca's test site for CRCT ( required testing for virtual school they attend).

Brandon continued to work on catching up in some of his courses. and Becca and Logan did minimal school stuff.  Our school is actually on Spring Break this week but we decided to kinda break up our break since the kids in neighborhood have next week off.

Other Activities:  Becca and I had a meeting with a  guidance counselor at Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) to discuss possibility of her attending that school next year.  I don't think it's going to work for us.  They expressed that they don't have accommodations available for her academic wise.  So after some discussion with hubby we've decided to go back to traditional homeschool for High School for her.  It's kind of scary and exciting!  Becca's very excited to be going back to traditional homeschool.  So I'll be exploring our curriculum options in the weeks to come.

Logan had a meet and greet at GOC and I am very excited for him to attend this virtual school next year.  It has the perfect blend of virtual/face-face and rigorous curriculum.  After Logan and I stopped by Checkers for dinner.

Logan and I enjoying time by ourselves.  Went to Checkers for dinner after open house.

Tuesday:  Sunny and 70's
School:  We watched CNN news but skipped bible again.

Kids worked on general school stuff.  Brandon is almost finished with that Nutrition class.

Other Activities:  The kids had their last bowling league game and we did a pizza party.  Unfortunately we had to leave early because my wonderful, hard working husband was receiving an award for going "Above and Beyond" at one of his part time jobs (phlebotomy at a hospital).  He wanted me to attend with him so it meant leaving the bowling party before the top players and teams were announced.  We found out later that Becca was top girl bowler and Logan was most improved boy bowler and his team "The Killerz" won 1st place team.  The kids were excited to hear about this.  The award ceremony for my hubby was very nice, they had appetizers and it was neat to see where he spends some of his days in the lab. 

After the ceremony we went out for dinner at Applebee's and brought back Chick-Fil-A for the kids.

Fitness:  I walked 1 mile in the neighborhood, did 40 sit ups and some arm exercises.

Wednesday:  Sunny and 80's!!!!
School:  We watched CNN news and listened to Exodus 14-16 in bible.

Logan finished Language Arts quizzes and 1/2 Science quizzes in Study Island.

Becca did her NML class and reading in her book.

Other Activities: More cleaning and organizing of stuff!!  Started working in basement to organize and get stuff for yard sale I'm hoping to have this weekend.

Fitness:  I met a friend at park and we walked 2 miles, it was VERY hot but we persevered. :)  I also did some leg and butt toning and 40 sit ups.

Becca reading her book outside with he cat Octavious.

Thursday:  Sunny and 80's again :)
School:  We didn't have school today....we're on a mini Spring Break today and tomorrow.

Other Activities:  Did grocery shopping, went to banks and stopped to get my eyebrows waxed.  Continued to work on organizing basement and getting things together for yard sale.  Started putting tags on things in garage.

Made a really yummy salad for lunch.  Found a recipe for tuna fish, cannellini beans, Italian dressing, little fresh lemon juice and sliced red onions.  It was good.

Fitness:  Walked 2 miles at the park with 2 friends.  Becca and her friend joined us today.  Did some toning exercises.

Friday:  It was supposed to be rainy and stormy but turned out 70's and cloudy.
School:  On Spring Break today.

Other Activities:  Spent all day organizing and tagging stuff for yard sale I'm having this weekend.  Trip to Home Depot to but signs.  Made a yummy pork, broccoli stir fry for dinner.  Surprised the kids with a trip after dinner to Dairy Queen for some yummy blizzards. :)

Tulips on side of house.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out what our week was like.


  1. 80's! Sounds lovely! Hope your yard sale went well. Have a great rest of your break.

    1. The yard sale went great, nice weather (I got alittle sunburned!) And I made more than I'd hoped. Thanks, :)