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4/19 Weekly Wrap-Up

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So last weekend a friend and I did an Arts/Crafts Festival (she makes jewelry and I crochet).  The weather was HORRIBLE!  Rainy, and extreme winds.  We were able to set up our tent and stuff, but the winds were so bad that after about 2 hours some of the other vendors had their tents blow away.  We finally decided to pack it up and call it a day.  There were only a few people that braved the rain and wind to actually come out, we didn't sell anything.  It wasn't a total lose though since my husband's cousin has a shop in that area so we hung out and visited with her.

Set up at Craft Fair. Picture was taken during brief moment of sunshine.

This was the first Easter we've spent home in many years.  Usually we go to my sisters over in SC but since my kids have CRCT testing all next week that wasn't an option this year. 

So Logan lost a molar on Easter while eating a tootsie roll!  

Usually we start each day by watching CNN Student News while we eat breakfast followed by bible study listening to Bible Gateway however since we had testing this week we didn't do these things.

Monday:  Sunny low 70's.
School:  All week Becca and Logan have state testing (CRCT).  Since we do virtual school we have to go someplace to have the test administered and this year we went to the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center.  Our testing time is 1:30pm each day.

Today they had Reading.  Now Becca gets small group accommodations (which means no more than 10-12 kids in the room with her) and she has all sections, except math, read to her.  Now since reading is obviously based on the students ability to read they can only read questions and answers, not the passages.  Since Becca struggles so much with reading  she reads extremely slow.  She started to panic during the test because they were reading the questions before she finished the passages and she eventually broke down and had to leave the room.  Since she left during the test it's basically void.  Logan did fine on test.

Today was a LONG day, the first day always is, we didn't get home until 8pm.

Other Activities:  I got all but 4 graduation announcements out in the mail today.  I also ordered Life of Fred fractions math book for Becca.  I've read good things about this and I'm excited to try it with her.

Exercise:  At the center where the kids are testing all week a friend of mine is also there with her daughter.  The center has some really nice hiking trails so we're planning to walk each day.  We walked 1.5 miles today.

Tuesday:  Rainy upper 60's.
School:  Today is Grammar for CRCT.  Last night after we got home the site coordinator contacted me and wanted to see if Becca could test earlier today, at 11am.  She would be able to test one on one with the administrator.  So I got her there early and she did great today.  She finished both sections with no problems.  Travis had off work today so he met me at the center to drop Logan off and pick Becca up.  He took Becca out to eat for lunch and then shopping at the mall. 

Logan did fine with testing.  When I asked him how it went his standard reply is "it was easy".

Other Activities:  This morning I had my first Mammogram.  For dinner I cooked salmon and rice and Trav and I watched Ghostbusters on Netflix.  I haven't seen that movie in years.

Exercise:  We weren't able to walk today since it was rainy out.

Wednesday:  Sunny 70's.
School:  Today was Math testing.  This is definitely Becca's worst subject.  With all the testing they did to determine her eligibility for Special Education she's basically at a 4th grade level and she's in 8th grade.  So it doesn't take much to figure out she's not going to do well on this test.  She finished the first section but when she got to the second section she basically froze and then started to cry.  They came and found me and said she would have to once again be pulled out of the test and of course this voids any work she did.  Logan said he did good except that he never did anything with finding the circumference of a circle and having to use Pi.  He couldn't stop talking about it, I think he just wanted to talk about Pi!!

Other Activities:  After everyone finished we went with our friends out to dinner at Chili's.  It was another long day.

Exercise:  We walked about 1.5 mile again today.

Vulture we saw on our hike today.

Thursday:  Cloudy, in the 70's.
School:  Today was Science.  Becca finished this test just fine.  She said that she knew some of the stuff.  Logan said he forgot about the different types of rocks and how they were formed (that was the first unit we did back in August.)

On the way home we stopped at Krispy Kreme donuts cause the HOT sign was on!  Anyone familiar with Krispy Kreme knows you can't just drive by if the HOT sign is on :)

Other Activities:  Before the kids had testing today I went down to Gwinnett Tech and picked up Brandon's cap and gown for graduation.  Can't believe that's right around the corner.  We grilled out some burgers for dinner and Becca made some velveeta mac n cheese.

Exercise:  Another friend met us today and we walked about 2 miles on the trials.

Brandon's Cap and Gown!!!

Friday:  Sunny, windy and upper 70's.
School:  Today is the last day of testing!!!  They had Social Studies.  For Becca it's Georgia history and for Logan it's World history (Canada, South and Central America, Mexico, Europe, Russia and Australia).  Becca did great again today.

Other Activities:  Becca had therapy this morning and after we picked up Chick-Fil-A and headed to the park to eat and enjoy some time outside before heading to testing.  Becca had a friend spend the night.

Fitness:  We walked about 1 mile today.

Enjoying some time at the park.

So in case your wondering what it means for Becca since she wasn't able to complete some of the CRCT test.....Nothing!  Since we're doing traditional homeschool for her through High School she didn't even need to take these tests to be honest.  She wanted to take them because she really wants to show us what she's learned.  If she we're staying with GCA next year she would have to do summer school then retake those portions of CRCT that she didn't complete.

So that's our week.  No big plans for the weekend, just relaxing after testing all week.  Thanks for stopping by.

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