Friday, April 18, 2014

4/12 Weekly Wrap Up

So here's my weekly wrap up.  I'm linking up with

Last weekend I did the Dirty Girl Mud Run at Lake Lanier with my daughter Becca, a good friend and both my sisters.  We had a blast!!  My parents came down from Massachusetts to visit and come see us in the run.  On Sunday we all went bowling at Stars and Strikes.  Hubby got home from fishing and cooked us up some trout.  It was yummy.  I also finally watched (most of) Frozen.

Becca and I ready to get muddy!

After....all muddy!!

Every day we start off watching CNN Student News while we eat breakfast followed by bible study listening to Bible Gateway.

Monday:  Rainy mid 60's
School:  Watched CNN.

We started school late and after our big weekend with family visiting no one was really motivated to do school work.  Logan and Becca attended some CRCT review classes.

Other Activities:  Quick cleaned after everyone left.

Tuesday:  Rainy 60's
School:  Watched CNN and listened to Exodus 21-23.

Logan finished all his SI quizzes and worked on some test review.

Brandon and I sat for 4 hours working on Earth Science.

Wednesday:  Sunny and Cool.
School:  Watched CNN.

Kids worked again on review stuff.  Brandon and I worked on another unit in Earth Science.

Other Activities:  Hubby was home today.  He went and registered our cars and took Brandon for a hair cut.  We grilled out some steaks and sausages.

Thursday:  Sunny and Cool.
School:  Watched CNN.

Logan and Becca worked on review stuff (can't wait till tests are over next week).

Brandon worked in Personal Finance and Government class.

Other Activities:  Becca had horseback riding.  She did an excellent job cantering today.  After lesson we went to mall so she could get some stuff at Lush.  We had lunch in food court and I even managed to get another swimsuit for Jamaica :)  Then we ran over to Cosco for stuff.  After we got home and unloaded I had to run back up to Target so I could get stuff for Easter.

Becca excited she got to finally go to Lush for bath stuff

Friday:  Rainy and Cold.
School:  Kids took today off.  Not really planned but that's what happened.  I think they were tired of reviewing stuff for testing next week.  I also found out that I can pick up Brandon's cap and gown for graduation next Wednesday or Thursday.  Can't believe that's right around the corner.

Other Activities:  Becca had therapy and I talked with her therapist about whether she'll need to continue seeing her once school starts back up in August or if she'll be done when school ends in May.  She said she thinks she may be done.

We spent a few hours in the afternoon visiting with several of Becca's friends at one of their houses.  The girls played Just Dance on Wii and messed around making some movies.

When we got home I packed all my stuff up for an Arts and Crafts Festival Becca and I are doing tomorrow.  Not looking forward to getting up at 6am.

Next week I really need to get back into exercising.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing how our week went.

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